give you my all

(Crocker jeans, Monki dress used as top, MQ new crossearrings, Monki hat, Nilson shoes)

Sorry for the lack of update, I've had so much homeworks. Anyway, this is a pretty simple outfit, thats why I added the hat & lipstick. I  need to buy a new lipstick, darker & not so shiny. I find it really hard to find I lipcolor that I like for school & everyday that's not to expensive. & I've just orderd some new jewerly from &, you will see it soon!


black crosses & pout

(H&M sweater, DIY shorts, Nilson shoes, gifted neckless, self-made black feather earring, Memphis watch, Makeup Store "Pout" lipstick)

This morning was so stressful, didn't even had time to straighten my hair so I was lucky to have picked out the outfit last night. The crossneckless is actually welded & painted by my best friend, Albin. Thank you!
It was really hot today so the sweater wasn't really a smart move, but I really like to match, for exampel, short shorts & a big sweater, or, miniskirt with a big knit & boots. Love the contrast & it's only at this time of the year that you can. I look forward to the weekend & hope it will be great for you all.


I know places

(DIY dip-dyed shorts, Gina Tricot top, vintage blazer, Nilson shoes, Bianco neckpiece, MQ neckless, JetSet orange watch, rings from everywhere)

Took the first to pictures with the self-timer this morning, came home this afternoon & realised that they were horrible & made my sister take some now ones. Plus I had a real trubble coming up with something to wear today since these shorts are kinda big & only works with a jacket or blazer to hide their flaws. The neckpiece was just a last-second-add beacuse it's a bit cold in the mornings. I hope you all had a great week so far!


if cupid got a gun

(H&M black skirt + red sweater, market wood neckless, MQ metall neckless)

Some horrible pictures of todays outfit - nobody whas home this morning so I had to use the computercam.  Now afterwards I think this outfit would look cool with some knee-high socks, black. & maybe a hat. & I HAVE TO stop shopping so much at H&M, I've seen a hundred girls in my school wearing same clothes as I own. Anyway, my mother did cut my hair last night, but only the bang. Going to do some dying and more cutting on the 12th. First days in school is OK so far, I just don't know the names of half the people in my class... & I will try snap some better photos tomorrow.

kisses & love!


(Monki black dress, borrowed shirt, Bianco neckpiece, Nilson boots, H&M socks, MQ neckless, market velvet hairaccessory)

Went to a Vernica Maggio consert with my friends, & it was AMAZING. Almost everybody knew the songs & sang along. I think she cried once.

Shopping with my baby

(JC jeans, Isabella Kristensen shirt, Nilson shoes, H&M ring, Misha Barton bag, Bianco belt)

Went to Malmö with Jonathan for some fall/winter shopping. Got a loooovely flowershirt, not really warm & comfy for the fall, but still. Lovely.

new clothes & party

(H&M jeans, vintage ZARA top, Ur&Penn neckless, JC jacket, Nilson shoes)

Sorry for the bad update... The internet in my computer doesn't really want to work, so I'm borrowing my sisters right now. Been doing some shopping the latest days, so you will see alot of new stuff! Got these jeans, the sweater & the shoes too. All the other stuff will be up soon. These pictures are from the day before yesterday, me & friends went to a party & tonight some friends are coming over at my house for dinner before we are off to a consert.


Back home...

(all white. H&M top, DIY cutoffs)

(H&M blouse + lace top & some jewerly, Jeans cutoffs from somewhere in Praha)

(Market blouse, H&M shorts + glasses & headband, scorett shoes)

So I'm back in icecold & rainy Sweden ... here's some of the outfits I couldn't upload sinse I didn't find a internetcafe or something.

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