Day 7, last night in Sorrento

(DIY studded shorts (tutorial under the DIY-category), market shirt, MQ neckless, market shoes, moms silver neckless)

It has been a cloudy & rainy day, but this is the last night here, tomorrow we're off to Croatia! I don't think the hotel there have wifi, but I know there's a internetcafé not to far away. I hope everyone had a great week!


Day 6, on our incredibly small balcony before dinner

(Zara dress, Åhléns belt, Gina Tricot neckless, Scorett shoes, vintage bag, market velvet hairaccessory & jewerly, FACE lipgloss)

Day 6, last nights outfit & pasta

DIY dip-dyed shorts, market in Malaysia jumpsuit (yes, jumpsuit. It's well stuffed down in the shorts), jewerly from everywhere, vintage bag, Scorett shoes, Isadora pink nailpolish, Makeup store yellow nailpolish

The internet
at this hotel is so bad. It stops working whenever it wants to & it takes one hundred years för the pictures to be uploaded. The staff refuses to restart it so I've been waiting on the pictures for half an hour. Anyway, now they're up! I've spent another day just lying by the pool and it's been so nice. The outfit is from last night, we took the car into town and
actually found a small restaurant with live music and good food. Tonight's outfit I will probably upload later tonight, have a great time until then!

PS found the penultimate picture funny, sexy pasta for sale.


Day 5, now in Sorrento!

(Outfit 1) H&M skirt (here used as dress), market shoes, scarf and jewerly, vintage bag.
(Outfit 2) H&M skirt, Cubus shirt, MQ neckless, H&M ring & sunglasses, vintage bag, market shoes.

Arrived to Sorrento yesterday, but I didn't get the Internet to work until now. I've spent the whole day by the pool, it's been so relaxing and wonderful. Tonight we are taking the car in to the center of the town & try to find a nice resturant. Honestly, I am pretty dissapointed on the food here in Italy, everything is so ... turisty. I want the real Italian food!

Picture 1 & 3: Yesterdays outfit. Went to the church so we had to cover knees & shoulders.
Picture 4 -11: Yesterdays outfit in the night.
Last picture: My littlesister, also in the evening (:

Day 3, last night in Rome

H&M shirt (a present from my wonderfull boyfriend), Mango pants (on sale, got them today!), Market shoes (from todays shopping), vintage bag, DKNY watch, market jewerly, makeup store nailpolish.

The last picture is my sister, Isabelle. She & I was running around in the market today, going crazy over the 1€ jewerly.
So this is our last night in Rome, it's a wonderful town & there is so much left to see & visit. Tomorrow we are going to Sorrento & hopfully I will get some tan. Getting up early so we have time to take a last sightseingtrip in Rome. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


day 3 (& some 2) in Rome

Picture 1 & 2: Last nights outfit. H&M shorts & headband, Gina Tricot tunic, Scorett shoes, Vintage bag, DKNY watch, market bracelets. Picture 5, 6 & 7: DIY t-shirt (under category "DIY"), shorts from store in somewhere in Prauge i think, market jewelries, H&M hair accessories & belt, Scorett shoes, Vintge bag.

sooo, I've FINALLY been doing some shopping today - & gotten like 50 mosquitobites. We went to this market thats up every sunday here in Rome, there was tons of jewerly like rings & bracelets for only 1€ each! But the shoes had the most increadible prices of all, one pair goes for only 6€ or 10€. Unfortunally i could only buy two pairs becouse it's getting really full in the suitcases. So tomorrow I'm leaving for Sorronto. Hoping for Internet at the hotel!

day 2 photodiary

H&M dress & headband with feathers, Sisters top, market neckless & bracelets (new, got it here!), Accessorize ring (new, from the airport in copenhagen), Scorett shoes.

Had a wonderful and hot day in Rome. Visited the Colosseum, plus some other attractions, & then had a DELICIOUS lunch (last picture). Also, i bought i bikini (coverd in diamonds...) that's probably coming up later when we have visited the beach so I have a reason to wear it. The only problem I have is that my parents are not to intrested in shopping (witch accually is chocking, sinse it is from my mother I got my intrest for clothes & fashion. Guess she's just not in the mood this week.) so I have to keep nagging about going to certain streets I've googled up where it should be cheaper clothingstores. Wish me luck!

day 1 photodiary

love <3


painted my toenails pink and fingernails yellow.
& I'm off to Italy tomorrow! First stop - Rome. Prepare for giant photodiaries... <3

Shorts - dipdyed, tutorial's coming up!
Neckless with feathers - bershka, madrid
Neckless with tooth - h&m
lipgloss - smashbox (LOVE it! constantly on my lips)

fringed t-shirt

just cut about 1cm wide fringes all around the t-shirt. my advise (witch I came up with after ...) is to mark how high up you want the fringes to go all around. it'll make it alot easier and give you a better result. <3

studded shorts

super easy, just add the studds. I used 9 of them and didn't do it to perfect för the trashy look (:

diy shorts & lace

lace top - H&M
shorts - DIY
jewerlly - everywhere
nailpolish - makeupstore


P to the P.


jag & ylvsanbylvsan!
Var med ylva & penellopé idag, hämtade mat på BK, satte oss i stadsparken & åt! Sen gick vi på stan, sen gick vi & spillde ut vatten på hela mcdonalds, hahhahahah!! inget märkvärdigt, heeeelt vanlig dag för oss....
sitter med en kopp te & en cupcake nu & ska snart sova, åker till kiviks marknad imorgon med jonthe & jessica, trots min pengabrist...

i follow rivers - lykke li

kussen! Varit hos mormor & morfar med kusinerna, supergod mat & hela den biten!
kavaj - only
klänning & gul ring - hm
korshalsband - mq
väska - ullared

latest in

Stickat linne - sisters (rea, 199kr!)
örhängen - ur&penn (rea, 20kr!)
DIY, shorts - bershka (madrid)

Linne - gina tricot
ring - h&m

Klänning - vila
halsband - ur&penn

shoppat lite de senaste dagarna, här är några av inköpen!
ha det gött alla goa männskor! :D

alice in videolandddddd

Blus, väska & asfeta brillz (har på mig dem på bilder, annars är dem på huvudet måste jag erkänna) - H&M
Shorts - Gina
Skor - Rizzo


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lalala glitter, flätor, hippies, semester & stora hattar, hår & glasögon. dålig uppdatering = ):
nu ska jag promenera (springa är att överdriva), idag är början på mitt nya sunda liv! låter som en gamling hahahah, men skitsamma, det kommer hålla i typ en vecka. HEJDÅ! <3

Bilder jag aldrig lagt upp


TJA. sitter & lyssnar på låtar som heter Cecilia hahah... väntar på att jessica ska pallra sin söta rumpa ovah here.
ikväll kommer det nog lite folk hit så blir det movienight, hohoho gangsta people.



hahaha hej jag försöker se söt ut?

ÄR SUPER GLAD IDAG, VARFÖR, VET INTE. Tar bussen in till lund äter lunch med min jessicaaaa & kanske en snabbisrunda på H&M.
& min lillasyster är sämst på kamera inställningar hahahahah, guligt. puss å kram leverpastej (:

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