black & white

(Cubus shirt, H&M pants, MQ neckless)

Hahah, the second last picture, I'm not that pissed off & bitchy...
Went with all black & white today. Hope you liked it!


Mustard (again)

(Mango pants, Nilson shoes, Makeup store POUT)

Retro skirt & patterned belt

(H&M belt, Nilson shoes, DKNY watch)

Thank you all!

Hi! I can see that I have some people visit my blog everyday & I just want to say THANK YOU! It makes me so happy everytime I see that there is actually a bunch of people reeding. It would be great with some comments so I can know what you like or maybe not like (: Also, just wanted so say that you can very easily follow my blog with either bloglovin' (they also have an Iphone app) or the app (for all the swedish people)!

lots of

Follow your heart til' it bleeds

(H&M belt, Vintage bag, Nilson shoes, Scorett pearls)

This was Saturdays outfit, it was beautiful evening! Cold - very cold - but beautiful. The evening are getting really dark fast now, same as the mornings. It makes it hard to get nice shots since I'm in school in the daytime. It's has been a short weekend, but it's soon fallbreak, so it's OK. It'll to be SO nice with a week off, even though I'll work 5 or 4 of the days.
Hope you all had a nice weekend!




(Monki shirt + skirt, Rock n Blue leather jacket from JC)

Pretty simple outfit, but this morning was stressfull...


I'm not dead...

(Mango pants, vintage shirt, DKNY watch)

Saturdays outfit, sorry for the huuge lack of update, I've just been so busy, not dead. Hoping you've been waiting! When I don't work I study, & those moments I don't do that I'm with Jonathan. But it's soon fall break! Can't wait. Now I'm going to snap the shots of todays outfit & hopefully It'll be up soon.


Peach & bronze

(Top shop shirt, Bianco belt, Nilson shoes)

Yesterdays outfit, had no time to snap a shot of todays since I just made a quick stop at home before a was off to my boyfriends house. Tomorrow I think I will spend with my math- & spanishbooks, & saturday means work. But I'll update, I hope you all had a great week!


I cross the oceans in my head

(VILA city-top, Monki bodycon, DIY vest, market necklesses, ZARA knitted neckpiece, Nilson shoes, market velvet hair accessory)

I don't really know how to describe this outfit. At first, I was planning to wear it with a blazer instead of the vest, but I changed it at the last second. Good or bad? & something I'm really excited about is that I today saw that Evanescence has released a new album! FINALLY I say! can't wait to hear it through!


electric blue in 2

(Outfit 1: H&M pants + blazer, top shop top, MQ earring)
(Outfit 2: Top shop top, Moms knit MQ earring)

So, first pictures are from what I wore today in school. Changed clothes before I'm off to work to something more comfy ( those pants are SO stiff...). Now I gotta hurry to the bus!



(Monki dress, H&M top, Gina Tricot neckless)

Fridays outfit & 2 pairs of pants I want from ZARA. Sorry for the HUGE lack of update, I've just had so much going on this weekend.  & this week will probably be the same, I'll start working 3 days each week plus study ... bla.


Knitted leo

(H&M knitted leo top + safari shorts + faux fur, Peak Peformance jacket, Nilson shoes)

I overslept this morning, so this was pretty much just a throw-on. Managed to take some quick shoots anyway!

Less is more

(Carlings t, Nilson shoes, earring)

No Bach ...

(Sisters top, market neckless, Nilson shoes)

So this is from the day when I was supposed to meet Sebastian Bach. But my friend Jessica didn't want to spend 100kr so I didn't have anyone to go with ))))): Got two t-shirts to ease the pain ... Finished the day with a great meal with my family & boyfriend!



Got these two pant in the mail yesterday! Unfortunately, the red ones was too small, so I'm will be sending them back hoping the next pair will fit. Today I will be going to a rockfair & meet Sebastian Bach! I'm so exited!!! Hope you all have a as great saturday as I will!


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