black crosses & pout

(H&M sweater, DIY shorts, Nilson shoes, gifted neckless, self-made black feather earring, Memphis watch, Makeup Store "Pout" lipstick)

This morning was so stressful, didn't even had time to straighten my hair so I was lucky to have picked out the outfit last night. The crossneckless is actually welded & painted by my best friend, Albin. Thank you!
It was really hot today so the sweater wasn't really a smart move, but I really like to match, for exampel, short shorts & a big sweater, or, miniskirt with a big knit & boots. Love the contrast & it's only at this time of the year that you can. I look forward to the weekend & hope it will be great for you all.


Postat av: Albin

Ser ut som att korset börjar bli lite slitet i färgen...gjorde du inte som jag sa att du skulle göra med det? hmm (; ♥

2011-08-28 @ 18:54:34

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