I hate topshop.

DAMN I want that choker. & those dresses. Imagine that tigerdress - in daytime you use it as a skirt (with a sweater over it) but at night you just take the sweater of, add the choker, &, VOILA! Party-time.


sadness is a blessing

(Sisters Point leather shorts, yes ofc fake, Cubus shirt, mothers neckless, Thomas Sabo bracelet, Zara jacket)

Remember yesterday, walking hand in hand, love letters in the sand, I remember you. Through the sleepless nights, through every endless day, I wanna hear you say I remember you.


Not for sale

(JC leather jacket, H&M top, Bik Bok over knees)

I hate the self timer. There's no focus and it's so hard to do a diffrent angle. & I forgot to take a picture of the beige pants when they were styled ... but I may wear them again soon. Painting my nails at the moment with my new color, I really like it but I think it should be a little darker & more greenish. That would be perfect. Well I hope you liked the outfit & that you all had a good day.


latest in

I am so proud of these babies... we added some extra coffe in the frosting - delicious!

Yesterdays purchases & baking. The picture don't really tell but the nailpolish is shimmering in this gold/pink/brons tint. Lovely! And the pants I think you'll se a on tomorrow. Today I will do some studying & me & my father will put together my new closet.


dude looks like a lady

(H&M black pants + Aerosmith top, All Stars & JC leather jacket)

Went shopping today, but just got a pair of pants beacuse I'm planning a huge online order including a retro pleating black skirt & a cosmic-printed dress. Can't wait! Tonight my some friends are coming over for cup-cake-baking & hot-guys-in-movie-watching. I hope you all will have wonderful saturday!


Finally Friday!

(Mango pants, Vero Moda knit, Top Shop shirt, DKNY watch, H&M earrings & Bianco bracelets)

Couldn't crop all the pictures, but here's yesterdays anyway!



(Monki tee, JC jeans, Nilson shoes, H&M belt, DKNY watch)

As the morning light is fading more and more for each day I had to use the flash. I hate the flash. Think I will have to start taking the pictures indoors, but it doesen't give, unfortunately, the same light or feeling...
Anyway, this was yesterdays outfit, todays will be up soon, but my computer don't want to crop them. I'll upload when I've figured out what's wrong.
Until then,


bought and borrowed

I didn't manage to snap a shot of yesterdays outfit, I was so stressed to catch the buss, but I will try to recreate it someday & upload it. These are some buys from yesterdays shoppingtour with Jonathan, got the shirt on sale & I also bought a blue top that I wore last night. My friend borrowed my the earring, I really like it! The stockings - I've been looking for ones like theese forever! I found a pair at H&M but I managed to tear them up with my nails, & after that I haven't found them anywhere. Now I will study for a few hours & drink my new rhubarb & vanilla tee, delicious!


pout pout pout

(Gina Tricot jens shirt that I've cutted to a vest + jeggings, H&M sweater + ring, Neckless from Rome)

Right now I'm totally Wordfeud-addicted. I've lost two games against my boyfriend & I NEED revenge... Playing it constantly. Tonight Jonathan is coming over & tomorrow I think we will go shopping. In the evning I will meet up with some friends, so we have some outfits coming up!


New hair!

(H&M blazer + top + pant, MQ neckless, JC leatherjacket)

I'm sorry for the lack of update, but I have soo much schoolwork right now, so that's the reason. & as you probably can call, I colored & cutted my hair! Did it yesterday, it was so damaged & really needed a fresh-up. Now I'm will continue to study math, have a test tomorrow, wish me luck ...


beige & green

(Mango green pants, Vero Moda cardigan, Nilson shoes, JetSet watch, Gina Tricot neckless)

Very long, slow & boring day. Going for bed early tonight, I'm so tired. I'll see you tomorrow!


september rain

(Monki oversized dress, JC jeansjacket, JetSet watch, MQ crossearring, the shoes is a funny story - see below)

Outfit of today. When I tried this dress on for the first time it felt like a giant pyjmas, but I'm glad I bought it, with a belt it's really nice. & the shoes, haha! I wore them, brand new, at a friends house & it must have been someone there with a pair that looked the same because when I was leaving to take the cab home I could only find one of my shoes & one of another pair. I asked everyone that was there, but no one knew anything. So the girl who took one of my & one of her own shoes probably goes around like me, with two different shoes. It's hard to tell if you don't look directly at them, but the seams & the zipper is different. I tried to write it on the host's facebook, commented on the pictures, asked people, but my shoe was forever lost. I still haven't found it & this was pretty much a year ago. Lucky for me the heels are about the same size, it's feels just a little diffrent, but it's OK.


garden of eden

(Monki flowershirt, H&M jeans, Nilson shoes, Saint Tropez wood bracelet, JetSet watch, Bianco pearlbracelets, Misha Barton bag)

Yesterdays outfit, I love this shirt since it's full of flowers but it's not to much summer since it's black.
Right now I'm SO sick. I keep sneezing & my eyes are constantly filled with tears. I always get a cold when falls getting near, don't matter how warm I dress. & it will be the same thing when winter's coming. I can't even look at my phone because of the light so I am having my computer at the lowest possible lightstrenght. Tonight I'm going to my cousins house to celebrate their birthday, I don't know if I will upload the outfit since I think I will prioritize comfy clothes ahead of pretty once, but we will see.


White rose-dress, woodbracelet

(ZARA dress - it was love at first sight, Bianco neckpiece, H&M headband with feathers, market ring, Saint Tropez bracelet, Nilson shoes)

The first time I saw this dress, I thought it was on sale & got overexited. When I realised that it was just missplaced I had already tried it on & fallen in love. It's absolutely one of my favourite dresses, even though I don't have to many. It's really soft & comfortable & also beautiful! Also this scarf have become my fav piece at the moment. I wear it almost everyday, it goes with exactly everything & makes it all look (& feel) better. I can't wait for the weekend!


The yesterday

(rockmerch.com Mötley Crüe t-shirt, some Malaysia store blazer, H&M jeans - they were really cheap but EVERYTHING gets stuck on them, dust, hair, & it shows so much. I do not recommend these - Nilson shoes, MQ crossearring, Glitter featherearring

So this was yesterdays outfit. I had spent the whole morning & previous day listening to mötley crüe so I kinda felt like I had the wear a t-shirt with them on. I got this one from my friend when he out-grew it, but I think it's from rockmerch. & as I wrote earlier, these jeans are horrible, but they are my only black jeans at the moment. The dust doesn't even go away after I've washed them. Lots of minus to H&M. & the outfit of today will soon be up, first I need to do some study. See you later,


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