day 2 photodiary

H&M dress & headband with feathers, Sisters top, market neckless & bracelets (new, got it here!), Accessorize ring (new, from the airport in copenhagen), Scorett shoes.

Had a wonderful and hot day in Rome. Visited the Colosseum, plus some other attractions, & then had a DELICIOUS lunch (last picture). Also, i bought i bikini (coverd in diamonds...) that's probably coming up later when we have visited the beach so I have a reason to wear it. The only problem I have is that my parents are not to intrested in shopping (witch accually is chocking, sinse it is from my mother I got my intrest for clothes & fashion. Guess she's just not in the mood this week.) so I have to keep nagging about going to certain streets I've googled up where it should be cheaper clothingstores. Wish me luck!


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