Day 3, last night in Rome

H&M shirt (a present from my wonderfull boyfriend), Mango pants (on sale, got them today!), Market shoes (from todays shopping), vintage bag, DKNY watch, market jewerly, makeup store nailpolish.

The last picture is my sister, Isabelle. She & I was running around in the market today, going crazy over the 1€ jewerly.
So this is our last night in Rome, it's a wonderful town & there is so much left to see & visit. Tomorrow we are going to Sorrento & hopfully I will get some tan. Getting up early so we have time to take a last sightseingtrip in Rome. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Postat av: Bob

Kalasfin outfit som du hade på dig där på bilderna! (precis som vanligt)

Glöm inte att leta efter en påvehatt! ♥

2011-07-27 @ 13:12:26

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