day 3 (& some 2) in Rome

Picture 1 & 2: Last nights outfit. H&M shorts & headband, Gina Tricot tunic, Scorett shoes, Vintage bag, DKNY watch, market bracelets. Picture 5, 6 & 7: DIY t-shirt (under category "DIY"), shorts from store in somewhere in Prauge i think, market jewelries, H&M hair accessories & belt, Scorett shoes, Vintge bag.

sooo, I've FINALLY been doing some shopping today - & gotten like 50 mosquitobites. We went to this market thats up every sunday here in Rome, there was tons of jewerly like rings & bracelets for only 1€ each! But the shoes had the most increadible prices of all, one pair goes for only 6€ or 10€. Unfortunally i could only buy two pairs becouse it's getting really full in the suitcases. So tomorrow I'm leaving for Sorronto. Hoping for Internet at the hotel!


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