Day 5, now in Sorrento!

(Outfit 1) H&M skirt (here used as dress), market shoes, scarf and jewerly, vintage bag.
(Outfit 2) H&M skirt, Cubus shirt, MQ neckless, H&M ring & sunglasses, vintage bag, market shoes.

Arrived to Sorrento yesterday, but I didn't get the Internet to work until now. I've spent the whole day by the pool, it's been so relaxing and wonderful. Tonight we are taking the car in to the center of the town & try to find a nice resturant. Honestly, I am pretty dissapointed on the food here in Italy, everything is so ... turisty. I want the real Italian food!

Picture 1 & 3: Yesterdays outfit. Went to the church so we had to cover knees & shoulders.
Picture 4 -11: Yesterdays outfit in the night.
Last picture: My littlesister, also in the evening (:

Postat av: Abbolainen

"Outfit 2" var dundersnygg!

Hoppas att ni har det kalas där nere i Italien och att ni inte stöter på massa Mafiagubbar! ♥

2011-07-27 @ 13:08:47

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