Day 6, last nights outfit & pasta

DIY dip-dyed shorts, market in Malaysia jumpsuit (yes, jumpsuit. It's well stuffed down in the shorts), jewerly from everywhere, vintage bag, Scorett shoes, Isadora pink nailpolish, Makeup store yellow nailpolish

The internet
at this hotel is so bad. It stops working whenever it wants to & it takes one hundred years för the pictures to be uploaded. The staff refuses to restart it so I've been waiting on the pictures for half an hour. Anyway, now they're up! I've spent another day just lying by the pool and it's been so nice. The outfit is from last night, we took the car into town and
actually found a small restaurant with live music and good food. Tonight's outfit I will probably upload later tonight, have a great time until then!

PS found the penultimate picture funny, sexy pasta for sale.



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