bought and borrowed

I didn't manage to snap a shot of yesterdays outfit, I was so stressed to catch the buss, but I will try to recreate it someday & upload it. These are some buys from yesterdays shoppingtour with Jonathan, got the shirt on sale & I also bought a blue top that I wore last night. My friend borrowed my the earring, I really like it! The stockings - I've been looking for ones like theese forever! I found a pair at H&M but I managed to tear them up with my nails, & after that I haven't found them anywhere. Now I will study for a few hours & drink my new rhubarb & vanilla tee, delicious!


Postat av: Nadja

topshop.. o visst har jag lookbook ! Älskar alla outfits där

2011-09-20 @ 18:18:15

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