Not for sale

(JC leather jacket, H&M top, Bik Bok over knees)

I hate the self timer. There's no focus and it's so hard to do a diffrent angle. & I forgot to take a picture of the beige pants when they were styled ... but I may wear them again soon. Painting my nails at the moment with my new color, I really like it but I think it should be a little darker & more greenish. That would be perfect. Well I hope you liked the outfit & that you all had a good day.


Postat av: Jessica Deanna

Appreciate the look of layering with cycle shorts, they're just so easy to wear anything with.

Fairly well laying, from what I can tell from these photos, this is a good outfit

<a href="">Aesthetic Solar Falcon</a>

2011-09-27 @ 22:16:23
Postat av: jontheponte

fruktansväärt fin....

2011-09-28 @ 13:40:17

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