The yesterday

( Mötley Crüe t-shirt, some Malaysia store blazer, H&M jeans - they were really cheap but EVERYTHING gets stuck on them, dust, hair, & it shows so much. I do not recommend these - Nilson shoes, MQ crossearring, Glitter featherearring

So this was yesterdays outfit. I had spent the whole morning & previous day listening to mötley crüe so I kinda felt like I had the wear a t-shirt with them on. I got this one from my friend when he out-grew it, but I think it's from rockmerch. & as I wrote earlier, these jeans are horrible, but they are my only black jeans at the moment. The dust doesn't even go away after I've washed them. Lots of minus to H&M. & the outfit of today will soon be up, first I need to do some study. See you later,


Postat av: Sveriges Elektriska Ståltrådskorkester

om jag inte misstar mig så har du väl fått den där Girls *3 tröjan av mig?? ;)

2011-09-01 @ 23:33:29

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