garden of eden

(Monki flowershirt, H&M jeans, Nilson shoes, Saint Tropez wood bracelet, JetSet watch, Bianco pearlbracelets, Misha Barton bag)

Yesterdays outfit, I love this shirt since it's full of flowers but it's not to much summer since it's black.
Right now I'm SO sick. I keep sneezing & my eyes are constantly filled with tears. I always get a cold when falls getting near, don't matter how warm I dress. & it will be the same thing when winter's coming. I can't even look at my phone because of the light so I am having my computer at the lowest possible lightstrenght. Tonight I'm going to my cousins house to celebrate their birthday, I don't know if I will upload the outfit since I think I will prioritize comfy clothes ahead of pretty once, but we will see.


Postat av: Anonym

snygg klocka!

2011-09-03 @ 14:06:07

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