september rain

(Monki oversized dress, JC jeansjacket, JetSet watch, MQ crossearring, the shoes is a funny story - see below)

Outfit of today. When I tried this dress on for the first time it felt like a giant pyjmas, but I'm glad I bought it, with a belt it's really nice. & the shoes, haha! I wore them, brand new, at a friends house & it must have been someone there with a pair that looked the same because when I was leaving to take the cab home I could only find one of my shoes & one of another pair. I asked everyone that was there, but no one knew anything. So the girl who took one of my & one of her own shoes probably goes around like me, with two different shoes. It's hard to tell if you don't look directly at them, but the seams & the zipper is different. I tried to write it on the host's facebook, commented on the pictures, asked people, but my shoe was forever lost. I still haven't found it & this was pretty much a year ago. Lucky for me the heels are about the same size, it's feels just a little diffrent, but it's OK.


Postat av: Albin

Ville bara säga en grej... Man behöver inte titta så jättenoga för att se att det är två olika skor. Det är syns ganska mycket :$

2011-09-06 @ 21:19:31
Postat av: Gitte Kling

Det var en ganska rolig historia! Men lite skillnad är det väl i alla fall! Kram

2011-09-10 @ 20:38:06
Postat av: Buky

That's just a very funny story. Haha

I laughed so hard.


<a href="">District of Fashion</a>

2011-09-11 @ 03:20:27

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